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Ignite the Flavor Explosion: Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs by 69

In a burst of creativity, rapper 69 introduces the Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device, a true masterpiece of vibrant flavor and undeniable style. This isn't just a vape; it's a colorful expression of individuality, designed to set your taste buds and senses on fire.

Why Choose Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs by 69?

  • Styled by 69: Dive into the world of Dummy Vapes, styled by the one and only 69. This disposable vape device is not just a statement; it's an embodiment of boldness and creativity, reflecting the rapper's unique flair.

  • 8000 Puffs of Flavor: With an impressive 8000 puffs, Dummy Vapes ensures a long-lasting journey of vivid flavors. Each puff is a burst of intensity, an exploration of taste that keeps you coming back for more.

About Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs:

  • Colorful Vapor Symphony: Experience a symphony of colors and flavors as 69 infuses his artistic touch into Dummy Vapes. From the design to the taste, each element is crafted to be as bold and vibrant as the artist himself.

  • Explore, Express, Ignite: Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs invites you to explore flavors like never before. Express your boldness through every exhale, and ignite your senses with a device that stands out in the world of disposables.


Dummy Vapes 8000 puff is pre-filled with a massive 18mL capacity. Vapers can view both the e-liquid level and battery life with each puff. It's powered by a rechargeable USB-C 650mAh battery to ensure you get the most out of the device.


Device Details:

  • Capacity: 18ml 
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
  • Battery Capacity: USB-C Rechargeable 650mAh (cable not included)
  • Puff Count: + 8000
  • Flavors: 23 Available Flavors

Ready to Make a Statement?
Elevate your vaping journey with Dummy Vapes 8000 Puffs by 69 – where style, flavor, and creativity collide. Explore the colorful experience now at PurchaseVapes .

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